Raising Awareness about HIV/AIDS using Movies – Don’t Dare Touch

PINA Uganda uses high-quality entertaining and educational videos to educate and raise awareness about HIV prevention and treatment challenges including disclosure to millions of people in Uganda on national and international televisions in order to achieve a sustained, long-term reduction in new HIV infections. This initiative is in line with the Uganda’s National HIV Strategy Implementation Plan, especially in areas where lack of awareness is a significant barrier to reducing new HIV infections.

We have teamed with prominent radio broadcasters, musicians, film actors and young people living with HIV/AIDS to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS through videos. We want HIV negative individuals to remain negative and HIV positive people to live positively. Young people living with HIV/AIDS share their challenges of growing up with HIV/AIDS while educating the HIV negative individuals to remain negative. The videos are highly professional, very entertaining and educative and the messages persuade people to adapt low risk behaviors including young and old. Our initial trailer of our Movie “DON’T DARE TOUCH”.

Here is the brief synopsis

“Martin is married, he has kids, he is a practicing doctor, he is HIV negative, he has a good life and yet when he sees Linda, he forgets all about who he is and focuses on pursuing Linda. Linda on the other hand is a student, beautiful and confident, she is HIV positive and her life was more or less the same until a busy town rush and hit saga brought martin into the scene of her boring, all the same, struggling life. By loving martin, she knows she is committing a crime of entirety but it’s too good and sweet to let go. And as they move through each new day together, martin is yet to find out that her sweet dream is oblivious, frustration come in as they all don’t want to let go and yet life keeps asking the same  question, friends criticizing them but still love finds the way. Because of what he went through being a doctor who failed to earlier find out that his girlfriend was infected and knowing that a lot of people pass through the similar circumstances of life, he fully transforms his life into mass sensitization about HIV and clearly telling them “DON’T DARE TOUCH”.

The videos will be widely distributed across Uganda including schools and communities and on local and national televisions and through other media to maximize their impact on public awareness while engaging audiences with entertaining and sometimes exciting content, the videos convey important messages about the bad community attitudes towards access to HIV services, emphasize social cultural practices that promote child sexual abuse which aligns with the Ford Foundation priorities.