What We do

What We Do

We mobilize all vulnerable children both men and women, who are struggling to survive economic and social hardships. We work closely with marginalized children and youths living with HIV and survivors of child sexual abuse who are in need of Psychosocial and economic empowerment to survive. Our goal is to strengthen the capacity of vulnerable children, their families and communities through sustainable psycho social support systems to improve health and wellbeing. We work with child protection staff and organizations, law enforcement professionals, family advocates, medical experts and mental health clinicians, Uganda police, media, Judiciary under one roof.

  1. Organize peer support groups for children living with HIV/AIDS with an intention of building their self-esteems. . We meet them over the weekend to offer them more space to experiences of coping with HIV/AIDS. This also an opportunity for them to share challenges at home, school and community.
  2. The HIV prevention project in schools and communities. We work with young people living with HIV to raise awareness about HIV in communities through music, dance and drama, film acting and experience sharing. Young people share their story of growing up with HIV/AIDS in schools, radio and television talk shows, news print and film acting. Our stories have inspired over 10,000 youth in and out of school to seek HIV services while positive youths have been inspired to adhere to their life saving medicines.
  3. Mentoring young people to become leaders of today and tomorrow. We mentor young people to use their stories to change the world. Our goal is empower young people to lead the overall advocacy on issues that concern. We have mentored over 300 young people and most them have become advocates, activists, inspirational speakers and resourceful people in their schools and communities.
  4. Roof and Equip Winnie. People In Need Agency and our partners respond to reports of child sexual abuse. We provide safe space, healthy meals, educational opportunities, business skills training, and trauma informed care for vulnerable girls.
  5. Hope 4 Katanga Kids Projects. Through our partners, we mobilize food, clothes, scholastic material for children rescued from the streets. We also organize an annual birthday kids party in September and connect all HIV+ children to treatment centers.

We are Empowering Over 0 Youth in various parts of Uganda

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