Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will repay him for his deed

Proverbs 19:17

Welcome to People In Need Agency Uganda

People In Need Agency (PINA) is a NGO organization established in 2008 to provide hope and support to youths especially those living with HIV through provision of information ,counseling and empowerment skills to reduce vulnerability to poverty , HIV infection and re-infection as well as improving adherence to anti-retro viral therapy among HIV positive youths.

Goal of PINA

Goal of PINA

To Support vulnerable children and youths to break the cycle of poverty and diseases. To Support vulnerable children and youths to break the cycle of poverty and diseases.



Strengthening the capacity of Vulnerable people, their families and communities through sustainable psycho social support interventions to improve health.



A bright Future for Vulnerable Children and youths. A bright Future for Vulnerable Children and youths. A bright Future for Vulnerable Children and youths. Come and join us and make a difference.

Namusoke Asia Mbajja | Founder of PINA

Namusoke Asia Mbajja is a nurse by profession, a public health specialist, a social worker, founder People In Need Agency and a woman dedicated to make a difference in the lives of less privileged children and their families and seeing her father struggling to educate his own children and to support dozens of orphans and other underprivileged children to graduate in various disciplines was my biggest   inspiration.

Asia’s history of public service started during her student days when she was Rotaract President at Masaka School of Comprehensive Nursing where she used to mobilize donations from fellow students for less privileged children admitted on the children’s ward at Masaka Regional Referral Hospital.  In 2006, she was employed by Joint Clinical Research Centre as the Regional Adherence Coordinator. Her role was to ensure was to design community, patient, family and facility based interventions to ensure patients initiated on antiretroviral therapy adhere to their life saving medicines.

Working with Joint Clinical Research Centre enabled Asia to witness live the challenges faced by children living with HIV/AIDS and their families in a bid to cope with HIV/AIDS. She also observed that enduring childhood with HIV/AIDS in Uganda coupled with loss of parents was very difficult. These orphans had lost hope and lived with weighty secrets, and feelings of isolation and anxiety about the future. They were often dealing with loss of parents, poverty, depression, discrimination, unemployment, under-education, and neuro-developmental delays.

The turning point was when Asia visited a 10 year old girl in 2007. Asia used to conduct un announced family home visits to better understand challenges faced by children living with HIV/AIDS at their homes, when she was working at The Joint Clinical Research Centre. When she visited the 10year old girl in Kajansi – Entebbe road- Uganda and she found this girl sleeping on the veranda at 7:30am in the morning. When she asked her why she was sleeping on the veranda at 7:30am, she told her….

Oliver Nankabirwa | A Girl with a DREAM

My name is Oliver Nankabirwa from Bufumira islands. Born and raised by a single father, a fisherman who is unable to take care of me and has abandoned me since 2014. I have a dream of becoming a veterinary assistant but I don’t have money for my education.

Oliver needs $800 to cater for her tuition in a boarding school plus school requirements for one year.

When you support Oliver to go to school, you help her to achieve her dream.

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