Who We Are

People In Need Agency is a youth led non- governmental organization established to provide hope and support to vulnerable children and youths especially teenage mothers and those living with HIV through offering interventions that provide supportive, educational and information sharing environment, and empowerment skills to reduce the impacts to poverty and HIV/AIDS.

Goal:  To mobilize all vulnerable children  both men and women, who are struggling to survive and we work closely with marginalized HIV+ youths and children who are in need of Psychosocial and economic empowerment to cope with the challenges of living with HIV/AIDS.

Our Motto

Create Hope and Happiness among children and youths living with HIV/AIDS.

We create hope and happiness by giving them love, care and an environment to enable them achieve excellence. As we raise these children with elevated standards and expectations, they become advocates, peer educators, role models and resourceful people in their schools and communities.

Our Core Priorities:

  • Capacity Building
  • Community / Strategic Partnership
  • Psycho-social support

It's All About Passion!

Our mission is to strengthen the capacity of vulnerable people, their families and communities through sustainable psycho social support systems to improve health. 

At PINA Uganda, we believe that when you empower vulnerable children with the right information and skill, they begin to ask “ what next instead of why me”.  PINA Uganda seeks to empower youths to lead the overall advocacy, discussion as well as designing of programs that strategically address their needs. At PINA Uganda , we support vulnerable children to have a positive outlook towards life by increasing their self esteems, confidence and provision of sustainable lifesaving skills.

Our current initiatives focus on grass root health education, leadership training, reproductive health, Women and girls empowerment, Human Rights, Youth Empowerment, Health, HIV/AIDS and Business Entrepreneurship.

Message from the Executive Director

As PINA supporters, you know that to achieve the global plan of reducing the number of children newly infected with HIV by 90%; and to reduce the number of pregnancy related deaths among women; young people have to be part of the equation, especially those living with HIV/AIDS. You also know that it is not enough for us to provide antiretroviral drugs only without paying attention to the sexual health needs and rights.

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