Timothy Bartsch (AKA ‘T’), CEO of Southern Time Productions Inc., first came into contact with members of PINA Uganda at AIDS 2016 in Durban, South Africa. Over the span of five days, Tim was overwhelmed by the powerful love, message and community that the members of PINA exuded. Three of PINA’s members even joined T for his ‘Southern Time’ rock opera presentation/performance in the Global Village as backup singers.

Since then, Tim has stayed in contact and collaboration with PINA on a nearly daily basis, for meeting PINA changed the course of how Tim’s rock opera – to be a cinematic musical docudrama detailing how he acquired HIV and what living with it has been like – will conclude. For, Tim meeting PINA was the ‘missing link’ that bridged Tim’s personal story and music to the greater global HIV community, and Southern Time will showcase PINA members’ stories and music, as well. Southern Time is about Tim, as a ‘First-Worlder’, realizing that most people in our world – those living in the ‘Global South’ — were suffering as much, facing similar challenges, as he was. And, conversely, if one prospers, all connected to that one should prosper, too. Southern Time is about bringing awareness that we are all connected, no matter where we live.

PINA members Nakato Eva, Babirye Robinah, and Namwanje Shakirah are ‘T and the Southern Time Band’s official backup singers.

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